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Folly is Not Always Folly, Jane & D'Arcy - Volume I

Folly is not always Folly tells the story of their first meeting, family connections, their romance and adventures and their separation, on the eve of D’Arcy’s departure for New South Wales.
D’Arcy remains the love of Jane’s life, the fixed star in her firmament. Their romance, kept secret by her family, provided the inspiration for much of her writing.


Folly follows Jane from the Steventon Rectory to Bath, then Southampton, and D’Arcy from Ireland to London, to Sydney and Norfolk Island.

Folly is Not Always Folly, Jane & D'Arcy - Volume I

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  • Folly is not always Folly, Volume I of Jane & D’Arcy, released in April 2017, is a paperback book of 432 pages. ISBN 978-0-646-90399-6.

    The recommended retail price is $AUD36.95

    Jane & D’Arcy can be purchased through this website.

    It is also available from:

    • Gleebooks in Sydney.
    • Abbey’s Bookshop in Sydney.
    • the National Library Bookshop in Canberra.
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