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Folly is not always Folly, volume 1 of Jane & D’Arcy, reveals the rebellious, satirical spirit of Jane Austen. We see her tasting the Dissipations of London, we follow the history of her enduring romance with D’Arcy Wentworth, their first meeting, their family connections, their courtship and adventures.

Folly ends in 1806, Jane has moved from Bath to Southampton, while D’Arcy, in New South Wales, is awaiting the new governor, Captain Bligh. D’Arcy is confident Bligh will bring permission for him to take leave, to return to England and to Jane.

Such Talent & Such Success, volume 2 of Jane & D’Arcy continues the story of their separate lives and successes.

We watch D’Arcy shoulder enormous public responsibilities as great assistant to Bligh’s successor, Lachlan Macquarie, the Father of Australia. D’Arcy champions the rights of the emancipists, former convicts who have served their time or been pardoned, who have no right to return home, no recognition or legal status.

Such Talent traces the blossoming of Jane and D’Arcy’s individual talents, their challenges and their successes, and their separate legacies.

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